Fundamentals of Sustainability

If we talk about an organization, for it to sustain itself, the organization would need to analyze a lot of factors and keep them in mind. If it is a newly established organization, the organization would find it quite hard to sustain itself in the practical world. The literal meaning of the word sustainability in business would be the capacity, or the ability of a business to keep itself functional.

A business that is going continuously in a deficit or a loss would certainly not be sustaining itself properly, and hence that business is suffering and not sustainable enough. For it to be sustainable, the business would need to start making profits, so that the initial investment that was put in the business can be retrieved and then surplus profits can be generated. Usually, when a new business is started, a sustainability plan is made and reviewed which deals with all the factors that the business would need to overcome effectively in order to be able to sustain itself in the marketing world.

Sustainability plans are drawn by marketing experts, who analyze the profits and the income that the business could generate, as well as the expenditure and investment that would be required by the business. It is vital that the sustainability plan that is drawn up by the marketing experts be accurate and should give an accurate description of the market trends so that the business can actually be able to sustain itself.

If we talk about the sustainability of a person, this means a completely different scenario as compared to a business. In order for a person to sustain himself, he would need to find an income so that he can fulfill his needs and start living in a proper manner. If we say that a person is finding it hard to sustain himself, it means that he is finding it difficult to take care of him and has to ask for help from others to sustain him.

This is not viable, because a person who is reliant on another person for his sustainability is living off an unreliable source which could vanish any day, and hence his sustainability is in jeopardy unless he manages to find a proper job or income for himself. Likewise, if we discuss a family that is finding it hard to sustain itself, this would mean that the family is finding it difficult and quite challenging to be able to fulfill their worldly needs. For instance, if income is low and expenditure is high, then the family would be finding it hard to sustain themselves and hence their sustainability would not be that high.

It is vital that sustainability is at a high level for every person or any business in order for them to be able to survive effectively. If sustainability is less, then the business faces a large risk of fading away into oblivion and this needs to be rectified in the sustainability plan of the business to ensure proper and smooth running of the business.

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