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F1 - My Guilty Secret?

Started by Tim Atkinson in :the bar. Last reply by Tim Atkinson Apr 24. 2 Replies

Somebody who knows me well asked me…Continue

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Crew wages - how does £240k sound?

Started by Tim Atkinson in :the bar Dec 30, 2013. 0 Replies

As we've just commented, the …Continue

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Does being 'sustainable' cost too much time and money?

Started by entsust.com in :the cafe Dec 14, 2013. 0 Replies

While the thinking is that being more 'sustainable' as a business should lower your costs, does it just cost too much to begin with - in both time and money?By the time that you've invested in all…Continue

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:backstage classifieds - faq

Q:     Do I need to be a member of entsust.com to post a listing?

A:     Yes, you do, but membership is free, and you can use your existing social logins such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn to save time - just click here...

Q:     My ad has nothing to do with sustainability - is that OK?

A:     Sustainability is as much about the social and the economic as it is the environmental - so advertise anything (as long as it's legal!) from moving lights to van hire to the things you make at home...

Q:     Do I have to enter something in all the fields when selling my item or service?

A:     No - any fields you leave blank won't appear in the final entry

Q:     How long will my ad appear for?

A:     Your ad will appear for one month from the date of posting, or until you take it down, whichever is sooner

Q:     Can I renew my ad?

A:     Of course - visit the listings page after your ad has expired, and click the red notification button to renew

Q:     Can't I just use eBay?

A:     Of course you can - although entsust.com is permanently visited by industry professionals, who are more likely to be your target audience. If you have an eBay shop, you might like to use a Backstage Classified to advertise it and link straight to it - remember 25p from every listing goes to charity!

Q:     Can I jazz up my ad?

A:     There are basic bold/italic-type options available when you enter your listing. If you know html, you can add basic html code (no scripts - they won't work!) to your listing to embellish it - you can even link to images such as logos that you host yourself - there's no extra charge.

Q:     My company wants to advertise - is that OK?

A:     Anyone can advertise - all we ask is that you select the appropriate 'business' or 'personal' category so that browsers know what they're dealing with

Q:     How do I choose the thumbnail image for the ad?

A:     Click the little star in the image in the photo gallery that you want to be the thumbnail - you can use this for a company logo.

Q:     Why can't I advertise free stuff?

A:     The good people at www.set-exchange.co.uk have been running a scenery/props/theatre stuff swapping website for years now, so there's no point reinventing the wheel. However, some people will want to realise the value in some items, or may have a service to offer, and that's why :backstage classifieds is here.

Q:     What/who is The Theatrical Guild?

A:     The Theatrical Guild is a charity that provides support to those who work backstage in theatres. 25 pence from every listing goes to them to help them in their valuable work. Read more here...

If you have any more questions, post them below, and we'll answer accordingly!

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