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GU10s and MR16s are everywhere in the entertainment and hospitality industry. Used throughout buildings, from bars to corridors to dressing rooms and boardrooms, they are the ubiquitous lamps of our daily lives.

The new issue of Lux Magazine reports on a new raft of LED retrofits (not online yet, but I'll post a link when it is), which are coming closer to the outputs we're used to from the tungsten-halogen equivalents.

In particular they mention the new RefLED lamp from Havells-Sylvania (left), which with an output of 575 lumens, and a power consumption of only 8 Watts, makes it apparently likely to meet the new EU definition of  a 50 Watt equivalent. It also (allegedly) uses cooling systems that make it able to be installed in enclosures - a problem to date with other retrofits that do not cool adequately, and therefore fail quickly.

Others mentioned include lamps from Enilight, Forge Europa, Aurora, Megaman, Osram, Philips, Verbatim, Toshiba and GE.  

What retrofits have you used, and what have you found lasts the distance or fails early, and in what circumstances. What percentage of your lamps fail early, and are you still stickling with CFL alternatives - or even tungsten? Where are you getting the good prices?

Tell us below - we'd love to hear, and you can help save other people the hassle of speccing dodgy options....

All tips and tricks welcome....join here to comment.

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