Is it possible to maintain a quality family life and a career in theatre?

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UK Theatre has launched a survey in association with the Family & Childcare Trust to discover the impacts of working in theatre on family life. With the results to be announced at UK Theatre's…Continue

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Scenic construction people. Are you just too modest?

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We try to cover as much relevant…Continue

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Can SOLT morally reject a request for the London living wage?

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Backstage and front-of-house…Continue

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F1 - My Guilty Secret?

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Somebody who knows me well asked me…Continue

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Sustainability is a funny old thing, but as most would have it, there are three 'sustainabilities' - economic, environmental and social, and all three must coexist in order for there to be real sustainability.

:entertaining sustainability is here to be the social side for the live entertainment industry, and to allow people in the business of entertainment to share their experiences of the environmental and economic sides across the UK and beyond.

As you'll see, the site is primarily group-driven - either by location or topic, so whether you're in Stage Management in Swindon or want to find out about waste in Whitby, there's a group for you. If not - we can make one - although we believe that open sharing is the best way forward.

So if you want to pick someone's brains about an upcoming retrofit, you're off on tour and need a local heads-up, or you've just found an incredibly good energy (or beer!) supplier, share it in your group - there's a comment wall in each group for the quick hits, and a discussion forum for more in-depth conversations.Or even do a blog post from your 'My Page' link - if it's a good one, we'll feature it!

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