There's a lot going on under the skin of your building, and it's almost impossible to know and quantify what's going where and when without monitoring it. There are lots of energy monitoring systems available, and we've spent some time hunting down the ideal system for live entertainment venues.

Designed and built by MeasureMyEnergy here in the UK, the scalable system use a variety of sensors to record the minutiae of resource use in your building, down to an incredible six-second resolution. You can monitor a whole electricity intake room, distribution boards, individual circuits (or even appliances), or gas and water supplies.

All sensors can be monitored live online, and it's possible to set alerts when certain conditions are met or thresholds exceeded. Be it something simple, such as ensuring that end of day switch offs are implemented effectively, or staying on the lookout for potentially catastrophic events such as water leaks.

We can specify, arrange and install any size or complexity of system - just give us a call or drop us a line and talk to us about what you need. It's like an itemised bill for your utilities!

Read more about our new monitoring system here

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