Is it possible to maintain a quality family life and a career in theatre?

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UK Theatre has launched a survey in association with the Family & Childcare Trust to discover the impacts of working in theatre on family life. With the results to be announced at UK Theatre's…Continue

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Scenic construction people. Are you just too modest?

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We try to cover as much relevant…Continue

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Can SOLT morally reject a request for the London living wage?

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Backstage and front-of-house…Continue

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F1 - My Guilty Secret?

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Somebody who knows me well asked me…Continue

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As we've just commented, the Carnegie Hall stage crew in the US earn an average of $400,000 a year. That's around £242k a year. How do you fancy that? Silly question....

Obviously, backstage wages in the UK are never going to rival those in the US, but many claim that wages are now so low in the West End that it's becoming increasingly difficult to even get skilled staff to work on shows.

So what's the answer? West End-wide loyalty bonuses? Would that attract staff to start at the bottom and work their way through training and experience to the top? Or is it just that the negotiating position should be stronger to begin with? Is there an attitude that crew should just count themselves lucky to have a job?

What do you think?

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