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Crew wages - how does £240k sound?

Started by Tim Atkinson in :the bar Dec 30, 2013. 0 Replies

As we've just commented, the …Continue

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Does being 'sustainable' cost too much time and money?

Started by entsust in :the cafe Dec 14, 2013. 0 Replies

While the thinking is that being more 'sustainable' as a business should lower your costs, does it just cost too much to begin with - in both time and money?By the time that you've invested in all…Continue

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US Community Theatre Lands ETC ION Control System

Wealthy Theatre is a community-owned not-for-profit venue located in Grand Rapids - a city in the southwest part of the northern US state of Michigan. With an ambition to be effectively 'off grid' for stage lighting, their efforts were recently recognised by one of the world's largest…


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Arts Council England & Julie's Bicycle release first year environmental reporting results

In 2012, the sustainability-in-the-arts debate in England received a huge shove to the front of the agenda when the nation’s largest state funding body, Arts Council England (ACE), announced a world first - that sustainability…


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LED bulb costs - buyer beware!

It's extremely unlikely that you'll be buying your building's light bulbs from Heal's (or at least I'd like to think it is!), which is probably just as well. A look through their online lighting department shows some truly eye-watering pricing on some otherwise good products. 

I'm a huge fan of the Philips Master LEDbulb (right) - the company won the USA's '…


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Bedlam at Technical Theatre Awards!

We were very proud to be able to both sponsor and present the inaugural Technical Theatre Award for Venue Sustainability at a ceremony held at PLASA London on Tuesday evening. Although the TTAs are only in their first year, the support for them was huge - with Tony and Olivier…


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A Good Thing - Acoustic Clouds!

We first saw Woolly Shepherd's Acoustic Clouds a couple of years ago at a facilities management show in Olympia. Fabulously simple and attractive in design, these baffles are made in Milverton, Somerset and are constructed in such a fashion as to be…


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Freezing energy prices doesn't get to the core of the issue

Ed Miliband is standing firmly by his proposal to freeze energy prices for 20 months, should Labour win the 2015 general election. The announcement has prompted a whirlwind of comment from all sides, ranging from the prospect of blatant pre-election price-fixing to the threat of rolling blackouts, similar to those seen in the western United States in 2000 following…


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Theatres Trust releases Theatre Buildings at Risk Register 2013

The awe-inspiring Brighton Hippodrome (above), a magnificent Grade II* listed variety/circus theatre, and the Grade II listed Swansea Palace, top the Theatre Buildings at Risk Register 2013 which was launched at the Coronet, Elephant and Castle in London on…


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Beat the boiler blues...

We post something like this every year, and it's that time again - boiler-checking time! Not the most thrilling aspect to a life in entertainment, but there you are. The nights are drawing in, slowly but surely, and it won't be long before temperatures are dropping, too.…


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Church panels please planners

Dealing with listed buildings, or those in a conservation area can be tricky when it comes to installing technology for renewables. Depending on the nature of the listing, adding systems such as solar photovoltaic (PV) panels can be all but impossible, as by their nature, the…


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And the award goes to....you?

We're on the hunt for a performance venue that deserves a sustainability award. Why? Well, this year sees the inaugural Technical Theatre Awards - awards for those backstage that are going above and beyond the call of duty.

Major industry names have…


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Nottingham Playhouse moves forward with £1m boost to sustainability aspirations

Nottingham Playhouse has received the beginnings of an amazing 50th birthday present in the form of £996,000 of funding from Arts Council England’s Capital Investment Programme. The funding will be used specifically to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the Grade II*…


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Don't let the means become the end...

My goodness me - we do talk about things a lot, and we're very good at it. Talking is sociable, feel-good and can be exciting. It can be a great motivator, but there is an awful lot of self-security in just chatting about stuff.

Improving the resilience of an organisation to external factors, such as energy prices, the weather, financial crises - or any outside influence - takes more than just words; it takes a fair bit of…


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